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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well I finally had some time to really sit down to figure out what to do last night, thanks to constant pestering by my buddy Keith. Happy Birthday by the way...

Anyway, my inspiration was a sticker I bought at a roadside stop in Italy in 2003. Along with all racks of sugary goodies whose names I couldn't pronounce all that well, but should being Italian, was a rack of stickers. One of which was a really cool, black and white Boris Karloff as Frankenstein. I mounted the sticker at the time on a red background and put it on foamcore. It's been on my office wall ever since. I grew up as a Famous Monsters reading fanatic, though the obsession has wained over the years, I still love the classic faces and imagery of those pre-CGI monsters and ghouls.

So there it was.

With some quick google image searching, I found my source image around 12:30am and went to work, while chatting with Keith on im. Couple of hours later and here we are. Just figuring out how I am executing now, probably going to do a transfer or a large format print and glue down over a painted bg. However, I may be doing a triptic now with some broken boards. Got two other ghouls picked out. Need to work them up tonight. Nothing like biting off more than you can chew...

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