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Monday, January 5, 2009

Just a Glimpse

I may be in over my head already, but here's a detail from my layout/color study image. Who knows how detailed I'll get in the actual final piece - I get the feeling I may be starting out with too much cheerful ambition!

As a novice, I must ask: Can anyone recommend an appropriate varnish? Is there a good one to use with acrylics vs. oil? Thanks!

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  1. there's some liquitex gloss and matte varish medium. they both work well on all the pieces I've done which use a combo of acrylics, enamel, super glue, elmers, etc. I just have no experience with oils. sorry.

    you could also try a small pint can of poly clear finishes from minwax available from home depot, etc. they're waterbased urethane and can be build up to a nice high gloss if that's what you're going for.