ALL HANDS ON DECKS is the first custom skate deck group gallery show being presented at the American Greetings World Headquarters Creative Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Darth Mauled In Progress

Tonight I set my son up with some acrylics, brushes and tricks of the trade. He primed the deck with only a little help from me (like pointing the spray paint in the right direction) and then transferred the image onto the deck with some transfer paper. Once I explained what was going to be red and what was black it was paint-by-numbers time.

So... focused...

I'll likely have to help him with some of the line work but rather not. Maybe we'll mask up the black and he'll wrap it up unaided. Thad would be cool. As much as I like things a certain way, I want to give him as little assistance as possible.

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