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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monsters progress II

Getting close to being done. Ran into a few speed bumps along the way, been working them out. Wound up priming the boards for better adhesion of paint & Glue...

Then I proceeded to trim the faces to just the areas I needed, while watching Iron Man Friday night with my daughter Celia. Glueing them was a little tricky. I felt the wheat pasting was a big sloppy mess when I tired it and I want these to to be smooth and flat. So... I was going to use a hi tack spray, but that seemed kinda messy too, so I raided Celia's art supplies to find a trusty glue stick. I had a few hiccups with not having enough on the back but I got them on and they seem pretty good now. Lots of rubbing and smoothing. But here we are...

Now for the paint. I lucked out buying some Folk Art paint and it has been great to apply for the most part. This black coat when on super smooth and with excellent coverage. I don't think I will need a second coat at all. Got a little lifting on the paper in a few spots but not bad. smoothed it back down before the paint dried.

Now I need to cut a stencil as a loose guide for the type. Trying to get that done in the next hour or so. I will put a heavy gloss coat on this to seal then probably a matte finish.

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