ALL HANDS ON DECKS is the first custom skate deck group gallery show being presented at the American Greetings World Headquarters Creative Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Have a seat...

What do you do with about 60 broken skateboard decks? Build a club house? Heat your home?

There has to be something to do with these other then toss them so I asked Jim over at Tri Star Skate to see if he could hook me up with some broken decks. He put out the call on myspace and people responded big time by bringing over 60 busted decks to the store.

So I had a few ideas on what to do with them. I did a Boba Fett deck on one since Boba is all beat up and started working on a set of Pac-Man ghosts. I ended up doing an installation piece at the show with some of them (see photo below) by cutting out the name of the show from broken decks which then turned into a bunch of orders for customs letters.

After a little thinking I decided I was going to make something people could actually use. Furniture. The idea obviously isn't new, but it's new to me. :)

I found a pair of these Steelcase chairs in the dumpster at work. Nothing wrong with them other then some stains and the fact they're way out of style.

After pulling apart the seat to see what I was working with I fished through the pile of broken decks in the back of my truck and pulled out a few I thought would work. Turns out one of the broken decks is a Plan B deck signed by pro skater Ryan Sheckler with a sharpie. Doesn't get much luckier then that!

Only about 2 hours into it total and I've made some great progress, which is good because I want to do 2 of these chairs (and maybe a small table) for the show.

The deck chairs were a hit at the show. I sold 3 of the four chairs I created. The unsold chair is now relaxing in my office waiting for a new home (or enjoying it's current one). Want it? Let me know.

Here's a couple of pics of the two of the finished chairs. I plan on building a couple more of these for an upcoming deck show I'm curating in May.

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