ALL HANDS ON DECKS is the first custom skate deck group gallery show being presented at the American Greetings World Headquarters Creative Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fun for all ages.

So with all these decks floating around my son Kasey was asking me if he could do a deck for his birthday today (he's 10). Sure, why not? So he decided he wanted to do a Star Wars deck (figures) and thought Darth Maul would be cool on the beat up black deck I found him.

We looked for a photo on google and I traced it for him quick in illustrator. We'll print it out to scale and he'll cut the stencil and paint it.

He wants to call it "Darth Mauled"

It doubt this will make it into the show but hey, who knows.

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  1. F*@!&

    I didn't save the illustrator file. Looks like I'm hand tracing it again.